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NetOptimal offers an extensive and secure Web Services based API to accessing data in it's merchant accounts. This API allows for third party developers to create applications that use that data and perform added value functions. Application developers can download our SDK and example apps to make the development process easier. NetOptimal uses a flexible license based authorization to allow applications to authenticate against a merchant account. Visit our Web Services API page to learn more in detail about the eBusiness Suite web services.

Application Library Offerings

EBay Publishing: Sell your products and services on EBay. This third party program allows you to publish on EBay and also close the loop and generate orders for sold items. (comming soon..)

QuickBooks Application: Powerful QuickBooks sync application that will allow your merchant account orders and invoices to be downloaded and synced into QuickBooks. This application will also correctly identify/create the expense and income accounts that your invoice items belong to (discounts, tax, products and services .. ) such that you don't have to keep a paper trail for your accountant. (Download)

Google Base Publishing: Powerful marketing of your products and services right through Google by using this application to identify which products and services you want to publish, and to also perform updates and changes to published items as well. (Download)

Example Application: Get an example application that allows you to develop your own third party functionality and have it promoted on the NetOptimal platform. (Download)