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If your business is: personal training, accountants, consultants, artists, hair salons , and you want to sell your services (and products together) online, then NetOptimal was created for you. Read on ...

Service based industry eBusiness Suite - NetOptimal

NetOptimal is devoted to making service based business management as easy as surfing the web. NetOptimal is a hosted solution with numerous built-in features that will transform your business and give it online presence: Booking services, scheduling and management of resources, product sales, marketing and inventory management modules, Reporting tools, credit card processing, discount coupons and much more. Visit our Product Specifications page to learn more in detail about what's in our eBusiness Suite.

Who can benefit from a subscription to NetOptimal

Any kind of a personal service business that benefits from allowing their customers to book time online and also wishes to modernize their business management and easily manage all their orders/invoices/customers/time tracking, as well as perform service/products sales and marketing.
We help businesses like: personal trainers, spas, hair salons and numerous others. NetOptimal also allows for artists and special services business to sell their art, and also book the time to allow for the creation, design or arrangement of the final shipping product.
NetOptimal also has modules to accommodate for small shops equipment rental and tracking of booked equipment for single or multiple days, as well as room/space reservations for small businesses.

Features Summary

FLEXIBLE: Powerful web 2.0 business management and template based subsystem will make building a unique design easy, according to any creative ideas & requirements using powerful WYSIWYG Html editor. We also offer low-cost custom development and web design services to provide our clients with a high-quality custom solutions.

SCALABLE: Powerful platform based on SQL Database and patentable entity extension architecture. Add-on development API, Real time business scheduling engine.

EASY-TO-USE: Extensive use of common tasks wizards that take you step by step to setup your account to reflect how your business settings, service availability and resource planning. You customers then will be able to book appointments and buy related products online saving you time and money and allowing you to concentrate on the services you provide.

ACCESSIBLE: We have a true win - win pricing model to allow for small businesses to get their hands on the product and see how they can make money with it and only then start to pay (read about our pricing policy below).

Why subscribe


Manage Services Online




Service Marketplaces




Account Customization


Manage your business using web-based administration interface. Built-in Scheduling engine will allow your customers to book appointments and our help attracting more visitors from search engines and increase your sales. NetOptimal is scalable, it will grow with your internet business: can be invested by add-on modules purchase to extend online store functionality with ease.

Publish your services availability to your own customer portal storefront and also have the option to publish services and products to other service based marketplaces like google base. If you have your own web site you can bring in content such as your service reservation page to your own web site to give your customers the ability to book your services at their own leisure.

Metadata based architecture allows each merchant account to be customized and to extend it in accordance with the business needs. NetOptimal also has a public API for third party modules to be developed and licensed for any account in order to extend default functionality without any changes in mainstream source code.

More advantages:

Robust feature rich commerce solution is the key factor in internet business success. Its potential can be multiplied many times if accompanied by great support to give you a hand on the way to online success when operating your live commerce business:

Money back guarantee

We offer unconditional anytime money back guarantee as sign of our confidence in products quality to make satisfied in any case. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products or services - cancel the order and obtain full month subscription fee refund.


Win - Win Pricing and our beta program

Sign up for an account and pay the first month fee based on your account selections for the initial setup assistance by us. From that point on unless your account brings in 5 times the monthly subscription fee in orders there will be no payment charged for that month subscription. You can email us for more details.

Responsive support

24 x 7 email and live support is offered with each account guarantees successful project launching. We designed the software to minimize any need for technical support so free technical support is a warranty card to keep customer confident. Additional details can also be found in our Service Commerce FAQ page.



Regardless of whether you are a ecommerce web hosting provider, ecommerce web site developer, payment gateway or ISP, we can setup partner relationships profitable in all cases. Use our application library to develop third party functions and sell to our merchants via our licensing model. Contact us to learn more about conditions of our affiliate programs at our Contact Us page.

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