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NetOptimal eBusiness Suite
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NetOptimal eBusiness Suite Product Specification

Service (and Product) commerce to accounting solution.

Design / Layout

  • Web 2.0 and MS Office like management UI
  • Template structure HTML page with tags for content all editable in a rich HTML editor:
    • used for different industry support
    • allow storefront HTML changes to be adaptive, easy, and quick
    • allow easy integration into an existing site
    • define individual templates per storefront page
    • create business emails from templates
  • Support for image library and optionally storage space for docs and images
  • Extensive wizard infrastructure for accomplishing common tasks

Administration / CRM Functionality

  • Completely multilingual
  • Role base access to any administration functionality/entity
  • Supports unlimited products, services, categories, discounts and many more business entities
    • Related products or services displays
    • Related services to products and vice versa displays
  • Sales module including estimates, orders, invoices, POs, and vendor Bills
  • Marketing module allows for Affiliates and Campaigns and Affiliate access
  • Support for physical (shippable) and virtual (downloadable) products
  • Support for scheduling models for services in professions services, retail and hospitality industries
  • Site map based on access rights and programmable per account
  • Extensive security features including entity fields marked and stored encrypted in database
  • Hosted server with no software to install
  • Print, export to Excel, email order summary and packaging lists from the order form
  • Customized reports and graphics with advanced functions and data splitting
  • QuickBooks sync of all financial/accounting data including invoices sales orders and bills.
  • Outlook Calendar sync of all appointments and reminders
  • Multi-Format/Date/Time zone
  • Multi-currency support
    • Automatically update currency exchange rates
    • Select the currency your business works with
  • Select what to display, and in what order, in any entity list page or forms
  • Schedule both your services and sell your products through the same shopping cart
  • Create custom entities or extend existing entity fields.
  • Highly efficient displays using compiled query engine
  • Background upgrade process:
    • your e-business suite is always up to date with latest features
    • no impact on your customizations and extensions
    • your subscription covers all releases major and minor

Customer Storefront Functionality

  • All data stored in SQL database for fast and efficient retrieval
  • Customers can view their order and appointment history and status
  • Customers can maintain their accounts
    • Address book for multiple shipping and billing addresses
    • Sync their appointments to offline Outlook Calendar 
  • Temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers
  • Fast and friendly quick search and advanced search features
  • Product and/or Service reviews for an interactive shopping experience
  • Integrated checkout procedure for both products and scheduled services
  • Secure transactions with SSL
  • Discounts and Coupons per product, service or category
  • Global and per-category related lists incorporating both products and services
  • Display what other customers have ordered with the current product shown
  • Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation
  • Integration with Google Analyticsfor visitor statistics, AdWords and Google Checkout
  • Integration with ChatStat.comto add live support functionality

Product Commerce Functionality

  • Dynamic product and service attributes allowing changes in price and shipping weight
  • HTML based product descriptions
  • Automated display of specials
  • Control if out of stock products can still be shown and are available for purchase
  • Customers can subscribe to products discussion forums

Service Commerce Functionality

  • Scheduling engine for real time scheduling support for professional services, hospitality and equipment rental industries.
  • HTML based service descriptions
  • Scheduling resource management
  • Events can be defined with min and max attendees 
  • Available services bookings added to shopping cart with products purchased
  • Single order form for booked services and any added products purchased

Shipping Functionality

  • Weight, price, or internally defined shipping prices
  • Use test account feature with selected shippers and then upgrade to production
  • Real-time quotes available (USPS, FedEx, ..)
  • Free shipping based on amount and destination
  • Multiple shipping methods can be defined and selected for customer use

Tax Functionality

  • Flexible tax implementation on a city, zip, state and country basis
  • Set different tax rates for products or services
  • Charge tax on shipping on a per shipping service basis

Payment Processing

  • Accept both online credit or offline payment forms for customer choice
  • Choose which cards you want to accept*
  • Use test account feature and then upgrade to production
  • Automatically authorize or capture customer purchase
    • Paypal and Google checkout define those in their respective merchant accounts.
  • Easily post-authorize on order form or perform other transactions like refund or void*
  • Multiple payment processing methods can be defined and used
    • PayPal integration with IPN for background approval/verification
    • Full Xml API integration with Google Checkout.
  • Currently supported payment processors:
Authorize.Net IntelliPay PayPal Google Checkout

Application Library and API

  • Public Web Service based API for application development
  • License model for accounts that use applications from library
  • QuickBooks, Google Base and other applications (
  • Third party developers contact info here